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Meet Doug

Doug Lowell believes that personal responsibility and accountability is the key to a prosperous and thriving nation. As a fourth-generation cattle rancher, he learned the values of hard work and perseverance from his parents. 


Doug’s family has run a 46,000 acre spread along the border for decades where Doug has seen firsthand the consequences of unchecked drug and human trafficking and things the liberal media refuses to report.


One day, an illegal immigrant entered the office beside Doug’s family house. The man walked into the kitchen, found a butcher’s knife, and held the knife to the throat of Doug’s elderly father. Doug’s father should have been carrying a gun, but he wasn’t. The man forced both Doug’s parents to get in their car and drive him into town.


By the grace of God, Doug’s parents survived, but Doug’s family have seen firsthand that not everyone is so lucky. Brian Terry, a hero of the Border Patrol, was gunned down by cartel members on their ranch. Once, just 200 yards from their house, they found the decapitated head of a migrant. Sadly, this is just one of the many mangled bodies they’ve discovered, left behind by the cartels.


A lifelong conservative and a surgeon of over 30 years, Doug knows that the way forward for Arizona lies in creating a safe state with a secure border and a strong economy where our families can thrive. He believes that you should always take action when you can and so has worked with non-profits to help bring emergency medical care to underserved communities. 

As a small businessman, Doug is familiar with the struggles of making payroll, providing for employees, and making sure your employees have good jobs. He will stand with our small businesses and job creators to make sure Arizona workers have the opportunities and options they deserve.


Doug is committed to finishing the border wall, supporting America-first job growth policies, and bringing the values of hard work and personal accountability to Congress. 


Doug is a proud father of four. He and his wife Elizabeth make their home in Tucson.


Taking back Congress starts with us.

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